For the second season, Anthony Vaccarello showed his Saint Laurent collection across from the Eiffel Tower. As written on the invitation and follow-up email, the show started on time at precisely 8p.m. However Kering managed to delay the twinkles for 15 minutes. It was spectacular.

The Eiffel Tower glittering up-close and on command is a hard match with clothes and remains more spectacular than the clothes. Still, Vaccarello turned out a strong collection and a smart one, too. Vaccarello said he was inspired by “the Russian collection of Monsieur Saint Laurent, but with more of a Parisian direction.”

Vaccarello’s finale featured a lineup of shorts, big-shouldered metallic floral dresses remembering the Eighties. “For me, short is the best way to describe modernity,” Vaccarello said. “It’s the best way to walk…the legs are not something you have to hide.”

Then the exit, and the twinkling majesty of Gustave Eiffel’s masterpiece, that of a genre you either love or you’re crazy.