Like the sand of the azure deserts, like the long fluctuations of the swell of the seas, she grows with indifference, and her shining eyes are made of delicately chosen minerals. In this brilliant and symbolic nature where the angel mingles with the ancient sphinx, where all is only gold, steel, light and diamonds, shine forever for women to sublimate them.

Earth or Luna, a star whose Indo-European root means “to be luminous or illuminated”, it is also called the luminous one to designate both the star and the divinity. The earth turns to remind us of the meaning of life, here is the charm and beauty, like a kind of flower for the skin, which dances under an eye of diamonds so that the light carries a smile.

To offer a jewel to whoever wants love, is to drink the one or the other, depending on who you are, who is dying of the thirst to love. From the top of her heels, here is the feminine exterior, and I have never seen anything more grand and majestic than ILONA’s creations. This warm and whispering design, grace and erotic elegance, is the power of esotericism mixed into a jewel, but also a sublimely technical celestial mechanism. She welcomes you with the little Angelina, at her work table, whose Greek name “angelo” means “messenger”, a sign certainly.