FASHIONWEEK DUBAÎ SABA TARKCompanies do not stop looking for talents or “high potentials” as they call them. They have even developped a new fonction to identify the talents in the companies and in schools. However the question is what do we consider as talent  today? What does having a talent entail? Maybe the difference between having it or not is just about non-existent. The two things coincide and must coexist.

Talents are everywhere and it is not necessarily those who knows how to communicate who are the high potentials. In companies you have many hiden talents and often not recognised.

The story of people who are called Talents, is a tough one. Resisting everyday to a different complication is part of their routine. They ask themselves all the time if it’s worth it; but at the end of the day they just can’t do without it. They don’t care about the money or the time they take away from the people they love. They just do it. It’s a matter of blind devotion. 

May I give you an advice. Go and find in the corner of your company the talents, those often shy people or employees and it is similar in the world.