For twenty years Jean-François Spricigo has developed an artistic language of rare power, mixing different photographic writings often nourished by dialogue with writing, sounds, video or staging. At the foundation of this radical work, the intense relationship with nature which animates the artist, refuting any hierarchy between forms of life: “Humbly, I observe nature and recognize it as the only tangible norm in the face of the changes in our societies” . As the only place, also, of possible reconciliation between the imaginary and the real.

The book Wild Prayer, published in 2021, testified to the strength and integrity of this journey.

We the horizon will remain alone (title to be read in two groups of words), is a story of recent travels on the island of Reunion, in Mayotte and in Guyana, for an intimate quest for the sensitive, thus marking a new stage in the work of the artist. Inspired by the fierce and indomitable dimension of overseas coastlines, this new book relates, in words and images (but also in sounds during a show), the memories of human and animal encounters, and echoes of ever-renewed wonder at the immensity of life.

Born in 1979 in Tournai (Belgium). After studying photography at the Institut Saint-Luc in Tournai, he completed a one-year internship on film sets and entered the image section at INSAS (Brussels) in 1999. Jean-François’ work combines photography, video, writing and music, and is based on an availability to the advent of chance. From childhood, animals play an important place in his life. The relationship between humans and nature is central to his work. He considers that any separation or hierarchy of life is the primary cause of conflicts.

The Agathe Gaillard gallery represented and exhibited him from 2008 until its closure in 2012. The same year, he won the Photography Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts–Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière and the Foundation Prize Belgian vocation, before being nominated for the Discovery Prize at the Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles (2009). In 2012 he was a resident at the Casa de Velasquez (Madrid), in 2016 at the Academia

Belgica (Rome) and in 2020 at the Fondation des Treilles (Var).

Since 2014, Jean-François Spricigo has been an associated artist at CentQuatre-Paris. In particular, he exhibited his series “Oui l’aurore”, made a film with the pianist Alexandre Tharaud, presented an exhibition/concert with the singer-composer Albin de la Simone, and performed a show with the actress Anna Mouglalis, subsequently repeated to Montreal. He also designed and performed a show combining the text of this book, photographs, videos and music with countertenor Philippe Jaroussky. He has also produced clips for singers Dominique A and Jean-Louis Murat…

His work is today represented by the Camera Obscura gallery in Paris, Louis Stern Fine Arts in Los Angeles and the A-galerie in Brussels. His work is regularly exhibited internationally, in galleries, museums and public institutions. He regularly leads creative workshops for all audiences and teaches in several art schools, as well as at La Sorbonne.

He is the author of several books including Oraison sauvage (Le Bec en l’air, 2021; with a text by Marcel Moreau), Très l’aurore (L’Œil, 2014), Silenzio (Yellow Now, 2005) or Ici , yesterday (BnF, 2004).
October 21, 2023 – January 7, 2024
The Baths & The Viewpoint (Deauville dyke)
Exhibition of photographs by Jean-François Spricigo
Wednesday October 25
The Franciscans
If the storm hears us
Show designed, performed and directed by Jean-François Spricigo
with the voice of the text of the book
Saturday November 25, 4 p.m.
The Chapel
Meeting with Jean-François Spricigo and signing of the book
in partnership with the Conservatoire du littoral and the Les Franciscaines bookstore
18 > 22 November 2023
Cayenne – Salvation Islands
we the horizon will remain alone
Exhibition at the Prison Director’s House, Salvation Islands
Thursday 9 > Sunday November 12, 2023
Big palace
we the horizon will remain alone
Exhibition of prints and signature on the Camera Obscura gallery stand
Signing of the book on the Le Bec l’air editions stand