Antoine Arnault, who had been appointed head of communications and image for the LVMH group (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton), is truly a master of communications. Surfing on the Restos du Cœur for 10 million euros is certainly a stroke of genius. And all the while, the Insoumis are getting in their faces comments like “Did they donate any of their parliamentary ‘alimony’ to the Restos du Coeur?”

The group’s success, more powerful than that of oil company Total last year in the CAC 40 stock market rankings, imposes its strategy ahead of the Pinault group, whose Lord says: “the only diploma François has for assets is his driver’s license.” Let’s hope that by digging deeper into his differentiation from the other groups, he doesn’t end up finding oil! He might even sell it to us for perfume.

It’s true that the discretion of this donation is not exemplary and is part of a great communication campaign, because even if we retain the offense and forget the donation, it’s still, I admit, a stroke of genius. But Restos du Cœur is like Notre-Dame de Paris, it’s a national monument, created by the emblematic Coluche.

I salute this initiative, which will set an example for other business leaders, and I pledge my allegiance to the Lord for his humanity, which I’m sure is not feigned. You have to reach the height of the lord’s fortune to finally have a true picture in perspective of poverty. But this is France! If he’d given nothing, we’d have said he was a bastard, and when he does give, we say he’s a bastard, Kafkaesque, a dead end. I never forget that for me a dead end is the place of my most beautiful inspirations (inspiration which comes from Spiritus, translate Divine Spirit).