You can find everything at the Samaritaine! Including young talented designers who parade from the first to the last floor, under the applause of the public. Fashion comes down to the street with men and women of the street (non-professional models)! This sacrosanct Fashion Week, this cenacle asleep and protected by some to remain in dark rooms hyperprotected for VIPs where everything sells so quickly that nothing is sold in the stores because they are empty of creation and meaning. Dgena, yesterday afternoon, brought fashion to the street, in Les Halles, the epicenter of youth, under “La CanopĂ©e” that young people want to protect at all costs and on the square of the last jewel of the Lord of Arnault, the young designer presented the last 20 models from Upcycling.

The originality of this one: all the pieces created are from overcycling, more commonly called “Upcycling” (end of rolls, fabric scraps, building tarpaulins, clothes found in resourceries, including clothes from individuals) and made in the luxury standards of Haute Couture. With this collection, Dgena shows that it is possible to make Luxury with existing clothes and materials, donated or from the recovery .

The pandemic had the effect of a catalyst on the emergence and implementation of his artistic project. As with many artists, the pandemic moved the lines. For Dgena, it was an opportunity to innovate and rethink its supply. Indeed, when sewing to create is your passion and you can no longer buy fabrics, you have to find another way. Sensitive to climate change and issues like people of his generation associated with “Fast Fashion”, Dgena was already recovering fabric scraps, end of series, but when it is no longer enough, what to do?

Trainee of the Master of Art Franck Sorbier since 2018 (the only Master of Art in fashion), Dgena came out as the valedictorian of her ESMOD International class in 2019 with the Aiguille d’Or. She seeks excellence in gesture. Moreover, the Chinese government was not mistaken in selecting her in October 2019 to represent and promote the know-how of French Couture during the Shanghai Fashion Week.

Choosing the theme of the French and Italian Renaissance to launch a luxury “Upcycling” collection allows Dgena to hit the minds hard. Her goal: “Let people think: this is not possible, she could not use old clothes to create this”, and yet, to everyone’s surprise, she did! The result is breathtaking. To the question I asked Gabriela Hearst: “Do you have a relationship with the Great Jacques Mouclier? She answered in an emotional tone: “Yes, he was my grandfather.