DAMIENDamien Dufresne chose MakeUp in Paris to present “Skin”, his new book dedicated to make-up published by Editions Assouline. Indeed, I did the make-up, the photos and surrounded myself with a team of true professionals.  Three years ago, on the first edition of MakeUp in Paris at the Espace Pierre Cardin, I decided to make those pictures by myself.

At first it was like a game, a sort of challenge and gradually I started liking it. You know, as a make-up artist and Art Director, I have always been next to the photographer and gradually the desire came to me to play this role too. It is legitimate at some time, I think, to want to go to the other side of the camera.

I have basically a passion for this job and this passion hasn’t withered, on the contrary; the photos that I take are before all make-up photos, photos of my make-up.

I worked during 20 years mostly in a “studio” for advertising, parades, celebrities. Then I became Artistic Director of a range of make-up belonging to the Korean Group Amore Pacific and our collaboration lasted 12 years.

At the same time I also worked for laboratories like Intercos and Gamma Croma. Today, I train the sales force of several companies in France and/or abroad. Additionally, I am consultant for brands for the development of textures, colours or new tools.  I collaborate in particular with L’Oréal and its “Research and Innovation” department.

Make-up Artist is both a profession and a passion. There is a long way to go sometimes difficult before you can start living off it, meet the right people and be part of ambitious and creative projects. But difficult or not, it remains for me and for many of us, the most beautiful job in the world.