DAMIENDamien Dufresne chose MakeUp in Paris to present “Skin”, his new book dedicated to make-up published by Editions Assouline. Indeed, I did the make-up, the photos and surrounded myself with a team of true professionals.  Three years ago, on the first edition of MakeUp in Paris at the Espace Pierre Cardin, I decided to make those pictures by myself.

At first it was like a game, a sort of challenge and gradually I started liking it. You know, as a make-up artist and Art Director, I have always been next to the photographer and gradually the desire came to me to play this role too. It is legitimate at some time, I think, to want to go to the other side of the camera.

I have basically a passion for this job and this passion hasn’t withered, on the contrary; the photos that I take are before all make-up photos, photos of my make-up. Continue reading