Dior’s unbridled conquest of fashion is breathtaking and emulates that of the conquistadors. Here is signora Chiuri playing Hernán Cortés at the conquest of Moctezuma, and the Gran Tenochtitlan (the current Mexico City) located on the salt lake Texcoco, foundation of the city of “Aztecs”.

But, it is the collection of our Calabrian woman, who is not a Roman of the first freshness, and who defends the company “A steak”, incredible for someone who does not eat meat! However, this one is famous in the state of Chihuahua, that is to say her erudition on the region.
The Mayas of the south of the country attract the creator, because she thinks that Maya the bee and her regiment will come to gather her, she whose royal jelly rate is deficient. Hence the choice of Mexico, far from the critics of the journalists who could compromise the court that she plans to make to the pre-Columbian culture.