vendômeLuxury group LVMH will be opening a new Vuitton flagship in the Hôtel Heuzé de Vologer, on the corner of the Place Vendôme at the coner Rue Saint-Honoré. Several rumours had been circulating about this prestigious location in the French capital since the summer of 2014, when the LVMH group obtained the green light from the CDAC (the French commission which decides if a company can go forward with a proposal for a commercial space) for a commercial space of more than 1,700 m². Vuitton and Bulgari had both been mentioned.
At the time it was already understood that the perfume-maker Guerlain, also owned by LVMH, would remain in place. The French group had a problem: the eviction of Italian jewellery-maker Buccellati, which in the end conceded its departure. In fact, it is the reason for its next store opening on Rue de la Paix on the Place de Poiray, on the corner of Rue des Capucines.

The Vuitton flagship, or a different label from the group of Bernard Arnault changes his mind, should open in 2017.