CHANELROMEParis in Rome! This week, the new Chanel “Métiers d’Art” collection inspired by French actresses and Italian cinema, Karl Lagerfeld chose a legendary place where all imaginary worlds and creative desires come together: the famous Cinecittà Studios in Rome.

Over the last decades Chanel has ruined the real Maîtres d’Art in using and abusing them. Besides, the only Maitre d’Art in Haute Couture is Franck Sorbier. Karl Lagerfeld is not a Maître d’Art. He is only a “couturiers” designing for Chanel. Therefore, in using Métiers d’Art as term for a collection Chanel tries to convince that his ready-to-wear collection is a master piece done by artists who are real Maître d’Art. In using Maître d’Art collection, does Chanel need to convince his clients that it still produces high quality products? Would it mean that Chanel is itself no more convince by what its design?