Ziad Nakad’s timeless pieces, defy the galaxies with spectacular dresses carrying women into a dream, like clear midnight blue constellations staring at the stars on silver tulle thrust into the fashion spotlight and intoxicated with the transparent and sublime night. Ziad Nakad awakens the deepest dreams with his pastel colours, champagne, silver and sunshine red which glow in the infinite showing us an imposing volcanic soul and creating chaos in ourselves.

This spiritual son of Elie Saab designs for the wealthiest European princesses and from his native Lebanon telling us tales of the thousand and one nights and illuminating fashion like Aladdin and his magic lamp.

His precious wardrobe is made of bountiful rivers of embroidery and precious gemstones, ultra-feminine with the sexiest sheath dresses decked out in spectacular drapes honouring the stars of his native orient. I call them by their gentle and mysterious names, Pegasus, Cassiopé, Andromeda and many more, glistening in the majestic skies and when the day is waning, as the shadow that descends upon Paris grows deeper, l’Astraia which means ‘daughter of the star’ and also progeny of Zeus and Themissa gives us a soul of inveterate voyeurs..