The beauty brand which is owned by parent company Victoria’s Secret Co.  on Tuesday will release “Bare Eau de Parfum,” a partnership with international perfume school Symrise. (Bare mean naked )

Bare is unlike any other fragrance in how it takes the idea of a signature scent to a whole new level. A proprietary blend of adaptive musks, developed in conjunction with the [nonprofit, independent scientific research center] Monell Institute  amplifies the weares unique scent, like a manifestation of their authentic self.”

“Choosing a fragrance is an extremely personal experience, so we took our time developing a scent that could be both relatable and unique to everyone who wears it,” said Victoria.

The new fragrance is in the woody floral fragrance family and is made from “upcycled materials and responsibly sourced ingredients,” according to Pruett, as well as a blend of musks, such as mandarins from Madagascar, Egyptian violet petals and Australian sandalwood.