It’s raining men and cats in Victoria Beckham. The spirit of escape and vacation, the joy of slipping into his suitcase, the shirt of his partner thrown on his swimsuit to leave on vacation again and again … A jacket tucked into suit pants, I like the idea that a couple can share their clothes in the right way, she who has the Bac and the Ham at the same time. The green atmosphere has virtues, because it allows to solicit the right and left hemispheres of the brain at the same time, to concentrate on something creative. But green is also the color of chance, of fate.

It represents what changes, what is not stable. Therefore, it represents both luck and bad luck. The gaming tables in casinos are covered with a green carpet, so that the players captivated by the game remain focused.

Green has finally become the color of health, visible on the crosses of pharmacies, it is present on organic products, etc. … So this color has gone from a poisonous dye to a health logo, interesting no?