Kim Jones since joining Fendi a year ago has fully embraced the family, the brand’s DNA and its entire heritage, including the rich and unprecedented contribution of the late Karl Lagerfeld, who designed the fur and ready-to-wear for the Roman house. -to -wear for 54 years.

The long, long Fendi catwalk in Milan was adorned with large smoked mirror arches, and you can imagine models like Pat Clevelands, Jerry Halls and Tina Chows making an entrance into Studio 54, hair slicked back or frizzy and punctuated with a single metallic anthurium, or a pink flamingo flower.

The collection was strong on the tailoring of slim, waist-high jackets, and pants flared over strappy sandals. Jones added ribbing here and there to make the shapes convey the swagger of the 70s. Kim Jones conveyed the glamour of the disco era with a confident collection…