The Italians are rebelling, and by not wanting to give in to the group of Lord Arnault, mark a turning point in acquisitions. It would have been brilliant for LVMH, to continue to build progressively its portfolio of high-end wines, which did not yet have any Italian brands worthy of the name. Banfi is a vineyard. “It is known as the hop”, this great wine of Tuscany. An ideal brand for the Lord’s group, associated with a historic castle, the cornerstone of the image of authentic luxury that the group seeks to spread to sell the story of history.

Banfi owns a vast estate, managed in a sustainable way with a solid ecological experience, “but the alcove kills slowly anyway, it is well known”. Thus, the planned buyout never happened, and it was the result of one person’s vision; Banfi’s president, Cristina Mariani-May, daughter of John Mariani, who co-founded the brand of this sublime wine. Cristina has decided not to sell Banfi to LVMH, a slap in the face that the Lord of the Arnaults will not forget.

Motivated by the desire to maintain a significant family stake in the estate, which includes the largest contiguous estate in Europe with nearly 3,000 hectares, a third of which is planted with vines, Cristina decided not to sell to the French luxury group. With a production of 7 million bottles and a turnover of nearly 70 million euros in (2018), the house was looking for financial partners, but not “raider”, she was only looking for capital and not “heady”. I love these women who know how to say “no” to the most powerful. They are definitely the future of man. In the Lord’s group, there is mutation in the air…


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