Thom Browne or the external sign of inner wealth, for one of the most personal collections he has ever presented. With its sense of shimmering color from the last collection, it is a perfect opposite because the gray now “relieves” it. Thom’s color this season, this gray symbolizes refinement, maturity, and conservatism in a cleverly constructed cocktail of the upcoming Trumpist wave.

There is a pleated skirt, Tartan type, an inexhaustible source of creations for Scots on the go, which could make Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen out of date. The collection of an androgynous artist, who praises my wandering spirit as a Jew and Greek shepherd to the “faith”.

And despite everything, it is poetry from another time delivered in this sumptuous, inaccessible and insane setting of the Big Apple, initiated for an unfailing pleasure for the eye. Giving is a physical and psychological need, and the adrenaline of a heart in search of pleasure is also shared together in the city of “Taxi Driver” and Edgar Allan Poe.