“No Dior, no Dietrich,” is what the German actress and singer reportedly told Alfred Hitchcock when the formidable director cast her in a role in “Stage Fright,” a 1950 noir thriller.

Dietrich was one of the first women to wear men’s clothing in public in the 1930s, sparking a fashion craze in Berlin, New York and Paris. Besides tuxedos, she also loved neat evening dresses and so did women.
She thoroughly enjoyed exploring this complex character, “so self-aware” and so adept at using clothes and “the fashion system” to shape her public persona. For her lookbook photoshoot, Chiuri styled her models’ hair with Victory Rolls, a 1940s sign popularized by Hollywood starlets, and dotted the set with photos of vintage film cameras and stage lanterns
When Chiuri was 18, she made her first trip to New York and discovered America through Hollywood films, almost 100 years ago, No I am jocking.