To do the splits between her own brand and Leonard’s brand, it will be very difficult. But it is a very good collection Haute Couture, like the thread of Ariane .

YIQING YIN models loose shapes with a staggering structure, whilst at the same time remaining within the limits of patterned designs, confessing her attraction for a method of creation which is intuitive, a sensory wandering, and the search for voluntary accidents. Sensory wandering and looking for a voluntary error as the stupidity of Cambrai candy, she said.

The more difficult it is to overcome its own culture to meet another corporate culture, and that before her next challenge to come up with Leonard to be or not to be a part of the small world of Mr Grumbach Haute Couture. According to statistics, every designer who works for Léonard becomes a “Grand Couturier”. That’s the way is;