AledeBassevilleCount Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé Basseville, descendant of the first King Harald of Norway, was born in Bordeaux on 8 July 1970, in the land of Aliénor of Aquitaine. He is one of the last direct descendants of the lineage of Viking and Norman kings.

Born into the oil industry, he is passionate about business and has a strong relationship with royal families and corporate oil leaders in the Middle East. Through his great grandfather who created the first trading company in Luxembourg in 1927, to his grandfather who managed the Caltex oil industry, Count Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé Basseville sees the important role of energy as Europe’s key to staying economically solid and successful.

With this strong business background and after a successful career in the arts, he has now turned to support the banking business, holding a legal banking license and working in the financial sectors with interests in foreign currencies, online banking platforms, and private banking support. Continue reading