Like a serie of “Charlie’s Angels”, borrowing their husband’s clothes, feminine expresses itself, with all outward signs of distinction forward, as a subtle way of wanting to touch the sublime and the chic at the same time. On Joe Dassin’s music and in a Loulou atmosphere, from the top of the “Falaise Louvre”, fashion, last Thursday evening, met to embrace each other without restriction with just only a touch down, and finally relive those furtive little moments of the Parisian presentations that we were finally missing so desperately.

So it is with a completely Parisian look, in all sobriety of refinement, classicism, elegance and iconic, such as the satin Tuxedo “Duchesse” that we redecover these Italian materials selected among the best weavers. Cotton and woollen sweaters are in the mix and a black belt enhances the knitwear with a Sonia effect. Ah, regretted 70’s, when you held us in your arms!

The suit is a major part of the wardrobe but also a key piece in any couture collection. Beyond being a piece of clothing, its history shows that it is much more than just a garment. A suit as a message: a symbol of female freedom, that’s what fascinates us, and borrowed from the male wardrobe at a time when women freed themselves from a social status that existed without convenience. Finally, the great return of feminine, and the mystery that is linked to it is inescapably linked to life. Thank you to Marie-Anne for this so kind invitation, which has kidnapped our eyes as much as our souls, and this return to life after this long lockdown, and the joy of finally being together again!