1b-200x300 Mr. Slimane, I hated being sit on the ground like a student, and you know why? Just because I have 55 years old,  when we noticed that Mr Pinault sat also on the floor we remained silent and shut up. The designer gives us his vision on California in the 1970s, at the highlight of the anti-war movement.  He mixes all the influences; Hippy, Flower Power, Folk Music, Rock, Surf Culture, and war veterans to create one of the most diverse and sartorially disruptive moments in recent history.

Leather cow patchwork poncho, Baja hoodie or pony skin cape. There were perfectos, intricately embellished hippy vests and studded suede jackets.

Then he added the essential accessories such as neck scarves, silver jewelry. He mixed western gringos and flower power culture; very difficult to understand any way. Oh, by the way I could not see anything as the spotlights were in my face.