Here I am, back from a rather hectic holiday, and today I open my 1,280 emails… Given my advanced age, I discover all these spams sent to me for old-age insurance and incontinent diapers, in itself quite a program… I know that, from time to time for some, I have verbal diarrhea, but still!

So here I am, back in the limelight, in the luxury cottages, because in the houses, the mercato has already begun well before the vacations and the general managers have jumped like the jumping peas. We’re also witnessing the replacement of certain designers, who in fact create nothing, by others who will create no more. It’s the demand of luxury houses that have stayed in the marketing stratégy to sell 10,000-euro bags that you can find in China for 100 euros, and sometimes of better quality.

And then there’s the abundant readers’ mail, which fluctuates between 50% insults and 50% compliments, which makes for a pretty even balance. The day after tomorrow, I’ll probably give you a glimpse of a particularly nice letter to which I’ve replied in kind.

Hello again everyone, I wish you a good year’s work. As for me, now that I’m retired, it’s going to mean an oscillating movement from “Cartier” between sharing articles in the morning and afternoons of golf. Nobody’s perfect, but it’s still better than watching that feminist movie, which isn’t too feminist, about the Barbie rose.