dior1956If you want to wear a Haute Couture Dress you have now the possibility to schedule your delivery date, hire period (4 or 8 days) and size. Book it at least 48 hours in advance. Your order will arrive at the address of your choice, via DHL until 5 pm on your scheduled delivery day. DHL will pick up back the dresses at the same address. Make sure you use the original box to return your order. The company takes care of minor damages and spills, as well as dry-cleaning services.

Chic by Choice is a one-of-a-kind hire destination that allows women to access the most breathtaking designer dresses, straight from the catwalks, 85% off retail price.

We believe in a globally accessible style experience: to more than 15 European markets, including the major fashion centres of the UK, France, Italy and Germany. We are offering a selection of more than 40 designers. Take a chance to be your best self, transformed into every woman´s daydream and every moment highlight.