Egypt-Based Okhtein Branches Into Eyewear, Retail. The brand is looking to grow from a handbag label into a lifestyle one and expand its international footprint.

Accessories label Okhtein has become a star in its Cairo, Egypt, Now the label is broadening its ambitions, with the aim of growing from a handbag label into a lifestyle one by way of a new eyewear category.

The sunglasses seemed like a good transition to play around with, and to display the strength of the brand identity.

Their brass minaudière bags have been gaining more visibility internationally and catching the eye of major celebrities including Beyoncé and Cardi B, while select international retailers such as Browns and Selfridges have picked up the label.

The company’s sunglass launch saw immediate traction, with one style even making an appearance in Balmain’s latest men’s wear campaign featuring the Colombian superstar Maluma.


No matter who wins Tuesday’s presidential election, the future will most likely remain challenging for British and European firms looking to do business with the U.S., according to Allyson Stewart-Allen, who argues that domestic issues will dominate the agenda in a Joe Biden, or a second Donald Trump, term.

Since Trump took office, the U.S. has been seen as a much more nationalistic and isolationist place: The messages around ‘America first’ and ‘Make America great again’ are about prioritizing the U.S. before any other place or country.

You see it a less attractive place possibly to want to hire people, set up offices, and create jobs if you are a non-U.S. company. All of that isolationism is bad for the American economy and bad for the world. Continue reading


Vice President of the Grace Chen fashion house, having worked in Sydney for the Schenker company, a division of the German rail operator, Deutsche Bahn
Johnny Zhou was previously in logistics for Bax Global. This young Chinese executive graduated from the Australian Graduate School of Management and soon this art lover turned to fashion as a natural choice. Behind a successful brand, there are always men in the shadows.

Athletic, he could be an actor in a Wong Kar-wai movie, and with his costume from one of the best French designers, he would not denote if he came to Paris for Fashion Week. A fan of sleepless nights of work, this globetrotter embodies the fury of extreme oriental living. With the look of an aristocrat, he is in couture as he could be a hero of Marguerite Duras. Continue reading


Connery’s family confirmed Saturday that the actor died in his sleep while at home in Nassau.
Born into a working-class family in Edinburgh, Scotland, Connery enlisted in the Royal Navy, and held various jobs as a youth, working as a milkman, a bricklayer and a lifeguard. He was also a talented athlete and keen bodybuilder, and at one point turned down an offer to play with Manchester United soccer team. He later entered the 1950 Mr. Universe contest and came in third place in one of the categories before becoming a jobbing actor.

Ian Fleming, author of the Bond books, was initially horrified by the prospect of his posh character, a graduate of Eton College being played by someone as lowly as Connery. Fleming quickly changed his mind when he saw what the actor could do, and later invented a distinguished Scottish ancestry for the Bond character. Continue reading


Miu Miu Launches Icons Campaign Revealing Pre-spring 2021 Collection. The Italian fashion house on Oct. 29 will launch the holiday 2020 ad campaign called Miu Miu Icons, fronted by seven diverse artists, embodying women’s polyhedric personalities and talents.

The campaign will also reveal the brand’s pre-spring 2021 collection, aligning it with its delivery in Miu Miu boutiques, specialty stores and on in early November.

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Betty Bachz, cofounder of British eyewear brand Møy Atelier, said she has been seeing a lot of oversized sci-fi-inspired eyewear designs in China, priced at the accessible $200 mark. The brave new world may already be upon us, the future is now.

The futuristic-looking design comes with a one-piece lens design and a fluid oversized titanium frame that stretches across the forehead with triangle patterns Hadid commonly used in her works in China. If you are wearing this piece in a strong wind, you would see you are not only in style, but it functions like a windshield. This piece and three additional commercial styles will be available beginning in February in selected stores. Continue reading


The European Commission gave the now-disputed deal the thumbs-up on Monday, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission by Tiffany.

“All regulatory approvals required for the completion of the merger have now been obtained,” Tiffany said.

But the most important approval of all the go-ahead from LVMH chief Bernard Arnault has been withdrawn and the two sides are embroiled in a nasty court fight that’s set to go to trial in Delaware on Jan. 5.

LVMH started to back away from the deal over the summer and in September publicly said it was walking away, citing a letter from the French government.

Immediately, the case went to the courts with Tiffany accusing, among other things, that LVMH was dragging its feet over approvals. Continue reading


To me she seemed apparelled in celestial light. She represents glory and freshness of a dream where the sunshine is a glorious birth, when the birds sing a joyful song, who gives beauty and cheerful.

Every fashion designer are on holidays except Grace who presented her collection at the Shanghai Fashion Week. What a pretty first name for a Fashion designer ! In the soothing thoughts that spring out of human suffering,

Since the beginning of the Shanghai Fashion Week, we had been collecting hundreds of chimeras and dresses. But, for the first time, we saw beauty in all its luminescence. Regarded as one of China’s most influential fashion innovators, Grace Chen has been hailed as “the Power Dresser of China” by South China Morning Post and “China’s Most Sought-After Couturier” by The Hollywood Reporter.

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Roberto Cavalli Has Found Its New Creative Director, Fausto Puglisi . Roberto Cavalli has zeroed in on its new creative director, according to sources here, who believe Sicilian designer Fausto Puglisi has been selected for the job.

This isn’t the first time Puglisi’s name is associated with the brand, as he was rumored to join the company back in 2017, but Paul Surridge ended up nabbing the role, succeeding Peter Dundas.

Surridge exited last year, and the collections have been designed by an in-house team since then. Things have changed this time around as Cavalli has a new owner, Hussain Sajwani, who is looking to relaunch the brand with the help of Puglisi, sources say. Continue reading