Kim Jones likes to think of himself as low-profile, but scroll through his Instagram account, and you’ll find images of the designer with Donatella Versace, Kate Moss, David Beckham or Naomi Campbell  all people he considers close friends.

With 701,000 followers  twice as many as when he joined Dior as men’s artistic director in April last year Jones still lags behind fellow designers like Versace (4.7 million followers) or Virgil Abloh (4.4 million), but more than makes up for it in influence.

So many VIPs attended his debut show for Dior in June 2018 that the brand struggled to find front-row seats for top editors. The guest list included Moss, Campbell, Robert Pattinson, Bella Hadid, Kelly Osbourne, A$AP Rocky, Victoria Beckham, Christina Ricci, Joe Jonas, Lenny Kravitz and Russell Westbrook. Continue reading


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The Lord of luxury is looking at acquiring the famous American jeweller “Tiffany”, known for its engagement rings and diamonds, but also its precious stones. The house, which has the world on the horizon, and many paths that remain to be explored through the shadows of luxury, to the edge of the night, but above all, until the stars are finally all lit by all the diamonds of the earth, continues its colonisation.

Breakfast at Melanie , and a few days earlier, we were wondering how the Lord could bear the company of this uncultivated Donald Trump! He says of François Pinault that the only diploma he has to his credit is his driving licence, so we can imagine what he has to say about Trump Avenue Montaign. Continue reading


It’s like a gallery in here, the swanky top floor of Louis Vuitton’s refurbished, brightly lit New Bond Street store in London, which is wall-to-wall with color-drenched works by artists including Jim Lambie, Tracey Emin.

“It’s like a nightclub in here,” said Delevingne, who attended with her husband James Cook and who recalled the first party, too. “I used to collaborate with Louis Vuitton when I was a wee little thing,” said the model and actress. Continue reading


What defines luxury? High quality, limited availability, and a costly price tag are among the features that come to mind to describe the term. Salvatore Ferragamo ticked all the boxes relaunching the first fragrance the company developed in a limited-edition collection of only 400 pieces.

Banking on the evanescent charm of perfumes and its own rich heritage, the fashion house revisited Gilio, the first scent created by the late founder Salvatore Ferragamo in 1960.

“This scent tells and marks the beginnings of our story, retracing the origins of the fragrance. Back then, it was a novelty to have fashion houses creating a perfume, this company was already ahead of the game.…And now the firm thought it was a good moment to relaunch a piece of its history.” Continue reading


Sophie Labbé has joined Firmenich as principal perfumer of the fine fragrance team, based here. She spent the last 27 years of her career at IFF, creating scents for brands including Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Ferragamo, Nina Ricci, Versace and Yves Saint Laurent.

“In recent years, we have been transforming our fine fragrance team to prepare for the future and anticipate new market demands,” Jerry Vittoria, president, fine fragrances worldwide at Firmenich, said in a statement. “Sophie Labbé’s talent is recognized by all our partners, and her vast experience across international markets will help ensure our longterm sustained leadership in fine fragrance.”

“Like many perfumers, joining the team and accessing its unique palette of ingredients remains a career dream,” Labbé said. “I was also deeply impressed by the company’s commitment to greater environmental and societal respect, and its creative strength through innovation.” Continue reading


Nicolas Ghesquiere, creative director of Louis Vuitton, branded Donald Trump a “joke,” just days after the U.S. president visited the fashion company’s new leather workshop in Texas.

French fashion designer Ghesquiere, creative director for Louis Vuitton’s women’s collections, posted an image of Evelyn Thomas’ 1984 hit “High Energy” on Instagram alongside the caption: “Standing against any political action. I am a fashion designer refusing this association #trumpisajoke #homophobia.”

It comes after Trump visited the company’s new leather workshop in Johnson County, Texas, on Thursday. The site is part of LVMH’s commitment to create 1,000 jobs in the region as part Trump’s Pledge to America’s Workers initiative, the Business of Fashion reported.

Louis Vuitton and its parent company LVMH have not responded to Ghesquiere’s comment. LVMH’s billionaire owner Bernard Arnault stopped short of calling Trump a friend at the factory opening but acknowledged that the two had known each other since the 1980s, Continue reading


According to the Shanghai Fashion Week committee, Shanghai had its best season to date. More than 60,000 designers, editors, buyers and creatives gathered there to showcase the latest fashion and ideas and explore what role they can play in the world’s largest fashion and luxury market.

Shanghai hosts the biggest fashion week trade show business in Asia. Some 101 brands showed on schedule and more than 1,700 brands participated in seven of the official showroom and trade show events this season. Each event  Mode, Ontimeshow, Showroom Shanghai, DFO, Tube, Alter and Not Showroom.

While the majority of the business in Shanghai caters to the mass market, some brands managed to attract attention from top buyers from big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Buyers from second and third-tier cities such as Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Changsha, an, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan are also on the rise, though these markets have very different tastes. Continue reading


A brand representative showcased a map of China, which illustrated the number of stores in the country, but excluded the disputed region of Taiwan during a Dream in Dior internship program campus talk, according to a video, which began to surface on Weibo, China’s own Twitter.

When asked about why Taiwan was missing on the map by a university student, the representative responded: “I think it’s maybe because the picture is too small and Taiwan is too small.”

After that, the brand representative further explained the difference between mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan region, and stressed that the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets are not under their management. “Because we are in China, we look after mainland China,” the representative said. Continue reading


When you are in Shanghai, the only thing you need to worry about is always keeping your phone charged and connected as everything passes through these devices, and without it you are lost.

What is different is the mindset. Their reality is filtered through the screen, while we still have pockets in real life. This environment really impacts the fashion system. First of all, the impact can be felt on the market and shopping, both of which function with completely different dynamics. Continue reading


HEMU was founded in Shanghai, China in 2010, with Oriental element and humanity as the origin of design. It adheres to the belief of originality, zen and inheriting Oriental culture, and is committed to creating an excellent Chinese original designer brand. HEMU takes the vast Chinese culture as its design inspiration and adheres to a low-key and concise design attitude. Continue reading


The waves of desire and poetry were present and counterbalanced the vulgarity that had sat beside me, an Afida, an error of nature, was a stain in the ambient poetry, but all the disgust is in nature. Among the birds, there are also crows and chickens.

A cape shirt for a breath of beauty, in these days of grey fashion week in the Middle Kingdom, I will want to say “The Middle of the Downer”. This young Japanese man, where the Samurai of sewing makes war on the beautiful, tries to interpret the human heart and uses the sounds of a 35-ton truck to express the most nuanced feelings. He wishes to evoke images that should resonate powerfully in our imagination, but that only resonate in the Gobi desert. Continue reading


In addition to the four major fashion weeks, Shanghai has established itself as one of the most important fashion hubs in the East. Although the country’s best-known names such as Masha Ma and Uma Wang prefer to perform in Europe, Shanghai Fashion Week offers a platform for young independent labels such as Xuzhi, Oude Wang, and Shushu/Tong.

It is also an opportunity for foreign journalists and buyers to discover new local talent and to engage in a massive but often complex market. Among the labels to watch in the coming days are Ximon Lee, Anaïs Jourden (from Hong Kong and regularly in Paris), Staff Only, Oude Wang, and Shushu/Tong.

The Chinese scene of independent designers is young, but very lucrative, as young Chinese consumers are looking for local brands, which makes it Gen Z’s strong point.



Strictly speaking, Chinese art is understood as a European style of decoration whose origin expresses artistic exchanges between very distant civilizations and fundamentally different in their perception of the world. The term itself appeared in the French language around 1845, with a distinctly pejorative connotation that has long been disturbing. Continue reading