Misho, the jewelry brand designed by Suhani Parekh, is launching the pebble pod, a set of earrings that cradle Apple AirPods. The earring range stylishly helps keep Apple AirPods in place.

Parekh was inspired to create the earrings as a reaction to her life becoming increasingly digital due to COVID-19 and finding herself on the phone and in video meetings throughout the day. Rather than taking off her earrings all day to use headphones, Parekh created a solution that enables her have both style and technology at the same time.

The range takes its cue from the brand’s pebble ring range, with three styles that range from the more sculptural perfect for a Zoom call to a smaller minimal style meant for runs, a bike ride or another activity.

Pebble Pods range in price from $67 to $122 and are available on Mishodesigns.com.