It is like a sun that suddenly breaks through the clouds to reveal a landscape or when a city flooded with light is transformed in one second, and so everything changes so that nothing changes.

Haute Couture transfigures not the real, but the perception we have of it. And it is in the city of lace and fashion of Calais that we are offered the first retrospective exhibition devoted to the house Lecoanet Hemant. By revealing more than 80 models of creation, combining the art of French couture to the spirit of the East, we can thus dive back into the poetry ride, and the secret garden of the two artists …

Like a magic note played on the silver string of a heart in summer, the caress of the eyes, all on Calais, a message that delivers the ineffable and exhilarating secrets of the past.

They are a duo of elusive globetrotters who bring back the many messages of the world around us, sometimes it is also poetry with them as with Franck Sorbier, and they show us a path that I particularly like. They often take us into an imaginary dream that is the reality of Rajasthan where princes and precious stones were one. Where the most precious culture of luxury was born, and which today exists nowhere else.

Cité de la dentelle et de la mode
135 quai du Commerce – 60100 Calais
Exhibition visible from June 18 to December 31, 2022
Closed on Tuesday
Price 7 euros