Here is the most sublime collection of Fashion Week and the theme is Art Nouveau, an artistic style that develops from the late nineteenth century, first in Belgium and then in France. It flourishes in architecture and decorative arts. The search for functionality is one of the concerns of architects and designers. Art Nouveau is characterized by forms inspired by nature, where the curve of nature dominates.

Unlike many other artistic movements, Art Nouveau does not seek to promote a precise system of artistic principles invented by an artist or a group of artists and theorists. The name itself is that of a store in Paris, the Maison de l’Art Nouveau, opened in 1895 by the German art dealer Siegfried Bing. For Bing, as for many of his contemporaries, European civilization was going through a period of great turbulence and was facing unprecedented political, social and technological changes; the world of art and decoration therefore had to respond to the demands of this evolution.

But art can never be new, as Mucha used to say. By these words, he means that art is eternal and has nothing to do with ephemeral fashions. Indifferent to the new artistic societies and their technical debates, he was also critical of “art for art’s sake”, which ignores the importance of the representation of ideas. It is therefore paradoxical that Mucha owes his fame to Art Nouveau which, precisely, was largely dependent on fashion. Feminine, elegant and graceful, silk chiffon and embroidery are legion.

The mastery of both the technique and the accuracy of the splendor of the East is mixed with the rising sun of the East. Magic of Asia that merges the scents of Tonkin musk and jasmine and this calligraphic writing that stigmatizes a whole people. I love the junks and their sails drawn up like Haute Couture dresses which summarize this so particular atmosphere of Asia. When Chateaubriand told his itinerary from Paris to Vladivostok or Lamartine his journey in the East, Delacroix painted the bride of Abydos, as for China, it created fireworks. Thank you Mr. Yew, Brand Manager of L’Atelier and Mr. Terence Chu SHFW SIFS APAX GROUP for the welcome they gave to our local representative.