UNITED COLOR OF ANDERSON; Looking at his archives, Anderson added the colors and images created by one of his heroes, pioneering dancer and choreographer Michael Clark. (In 2004, he staged the Alexander McQueen fashion show, which was more of an artistic performance than a fashion Show)

That explains the giant Coca-Cola style billboards that read “Enjoy God’s Disco” and the large green Pop Art penis on the show invitation. Is there night life after death?” that sat in the middle of the venue, the Roundhouse in Camden.

Guests couldn’t help but take selfies or pose for photos in front of the billboards, but it was all in the spirit of the show. Anderson focused on Clark’s brilliant, graphic iconography, rather than his choreography, and he wanted to convey his passion to the world. Hodgepodge pastiche, teeshirt and dress from London’s finest street.