As temples of luxury as well as tourist attractions, Dior Paris 30 Montaigne and Tiffany & Co’s Landmark boutique in New York set the tone. In order to increase traffic and productivity per square foot, luxury boutiques must now become “even more attractive.”

The Avenue Montaigne complex, which opened in March 2022, includes several restaurants, a museum, and a hotel suite. in addition to the home, beauty and fine jewelry departments. This Dior project is unique in that it combines a museum, several leisure spaces, a “total immersion” Dior and above all an immersion in your wallet.

In Shanghai’s Plaza 66, Dior occupies four floors. Tokyo, with 234 luxury stores, tops the list, followed by Seoul with 221, Paris with 165, Hong Kong with 148 and New York with 128. London, Shanghai, Beijing, Osaka and Taipei round out the top 10.

There are buildings under construction for Louis Vuitton and Dior flagship products at the Taikoo Li Sanlitun complex in Beijing.

Almost all major luxury brands will have flagship stores in the North Quarter by next year. Therefore, second-tier players will be relocated to the southern district, in other words, the poor will be deprived of luxury.