FAUSTOPUGLISIRESORT2016Fausto Puglisi loves the USA. He’s living in New York and Miami and frequently he mixes U.S. iconography like the Statue of Liberty into his own distinctive prints. 

Like an episode from Captain America, there is enough energy and imagination packed into a Puglisi collection to make you dizzy: What was clear is that this is one designer that is synergizing his commercial powers. For all his Mediterranean exuberance, Puglisi is one very hard-working designer. This seriousness opens up the Puglisi universe to a lot of easy-to-wear fine-gauge inventive knitwear such as jacquard vests, checkered cropped jumpers that resemble Roman mosaics, elegant tailored jackets, see-through ultra-fine stretch tops, and great vertically striped vibrant tops.

But in regards to eveningwear, “I’ve always been allergic to lace,” said the designer of his other new key element (he’s always associated the fabric with gattamorta: translated quite literally as a dead cat, or its implied meaning, as a tease). He’s thankfully overcome his distaste of the fabric to create several showstopping pieces, like a black long column dress cut with lace panels. Ka-pow!