The colors of 2014 are : blue, green, orange, yellow, pink and purple ? Designers and the fashion industry chose bright colors to face pessimism and the economic crise. analyses the colors of 2014.

The blue color inspires and will give you an air of bohemian chic. With the color blue, you can wear white shoes, bags and belts which will be in contrast with your clothes. Today the way you dress is very important, but it is more important to match the accessories with the outfit chosen.

This year the Jeans remains the prefered choice of every generation. Office clothes will still be made of warm colors and the accessories will match with them. During the evening, do not hesitate to choose bright colors and delicate fabrics. In brief, do not hesitate to dress simple, it is always the most fashionable.

Men are not forgotten. Tweed, chintz, flannel, mohair along with vibrant colors ranging from purple to dark green, anthracite and silver would be your favourite choice. The 2014 man is a citizen of the world who moves forward.