Esmod (SchooL) – Best school in the world. As we have seen in the last few years, some of the most successful CEOs in Fashion Industry do not come from fashion school, their success often comes from their know-how of business acuity and also of the meaning of fashion.” Esmod teaches technical processes of the fashion industry. The business will be learned during internship experience in companies. You can learn mix-marketing, but you can’t learn common sense of business. When you possess the technique of fashion including Haute Couture know-how, you are eligible as the perfect candidate to be successfull.

The world changes, technologies constantly change. However, technics remain the same and have not changed for decades. Therefore when you are graduated of Esmod and you have acquired those processes you can face the constantly changing world and to update to it which is not the case of a graduate who has only been studying marketing, management and international business. He has nothing in his hands: no technic, no know-how. So we totally disagree with Pascal Morand, Former President of IFM, and presently Executive President of France’s Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion in France because he wants to create a conglomerate similar to American Schools ! France is an old country and when you know France you have to be independent, and not follow the Anglo-Saxons. Creativity and technics are the key words of success.

In fact, Pascal Morand promotes the IFM which have absorbed the Schools of the Chambre Syndicale of the Haute couture and it is in his interest to attract foreign students which will pay for programs inspired by American universities and which will have nothing to do with French fashion culture. Since Louis XIV, France is the leading country in fashion creativity and industry and stop thinking it is Mrs Anna Wintour who is creating “La Mode”. She is only an industry of  promoting paper for fashion ads. She has never created anything and she will never. So stop going to ask her advice as Mr Didier Grumbach did it. Long life to French fashion know-how.