MISSThe creative genius of Christian Dior spans the decades. A by-word for Avant-Garde and new beginnings, Dior today denotes a new take on femininity and a particular definition of elegance, at once simple and sophisticated, and always ahead of its time.

In 1947, Christian Dior begins to rewrite all the rules of elegance and creates a new, sensual figure: The New Look. “Make me a perfume that is the fragrance of love.” With these ambitious terms in mind, he formulated his desire to create the perfume that would add the finishing touch to his designs, a perfume embodying all Dior’s signature hallmarks: Miss Dior.

The Miss Dior exhibition highlights how the fragrance retains its timeless yet modern character to this day, inspired by that great visionary who was Christian Dior. It reinforces the link between Dior, the eternal friend to artists, and Art. It also gives carte blanche to 17 contemporary female artists who provide their own interpretations of the fragrance’s emblematic features. They pay homage not only to one of the greatest couturiers of all time, but also to the subversive spirit of a perfume which has taken its place in history