It was the tree that hides the forest. Maria Chiuri, more activist than ever, used ecology as a pretext to replace the trees in the Amazon forest. His place for that: Longchamp and more than 200 trees in its center. Where it will take tons and tons of fuel and carbon tax to re-finance in order to finally bring the inappropriate decor to this pseudo-ecological, zero-emission, ecological delirium, but no matter the end always justifies the means.

Falling trees from the sky, a kind of “Fashion Pact” in response to Mr. Pinault! The lord telling him I send wood too. A tree, by the way, had fallen when we arrived and when the security men rushed to pick it up. I said, “It’s okay. It does not stain. The models dressed in Greta Thunberg’s duvets march between the trees to the music of Bach’s Leipziner Choir, and the wolves around the forest shake so that in the darkness the serving “Me-too” can remove the little gourds.

The enigma Maria Gracia becomes deeper, and the creator gently slips into the depths of nothingness, indifferent to multiple predators, and yet some tree gorgonians continue to make eye contact with her. Here is a crystalline forest of the north that offers spectators a landscape of majestic wrecks that lie on the France Galop to finally not manage to shine despite all the splendor of the packaging.


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