The waves of desire and poetry were present and counterbalanced the vulgarity that had sat beside me, an Afida, an error of nature, was a stain in the ambient poetry, but all the disgust is in nature. Among the birds, there are also crows and chickens.

A cape shirt for a breath of beauty, in these days of grey fashion week in the Middle Kingdom, I will want to say “The Middle of the Downer”. This young Japanese man, where the Samurai of sewing makes war on the beautiful, tries to interpret the human heart and uses the sounds of a 35-ton truck to express the most nuanced feelings. He wishes to evoke images that should resonate powerfully in our imagination, but that only resonate in the Gobi desert.

In its highest form, it arouses the deep intuition of an old mummy’s life, and sparks the desire for a return to the crypt soon. The wind over Shanghai makes the pleated silk float on the body of the mannequin, like an invisible force, subjected to the vision of a woodlouse.

The Lady of the Tang dynasty understand  a fashion designer for people of spirit, with a word of gallantry, he has difficulty getting out of a labyrinth, and there is nothing better than just being heard. Some fashion designers, fashion histrionists, understand that flagorner is an inexhaustible source of success.
Go get dressed Nabilla and Consorts who would exclaim: “This is the World War of’78!” Fashion incults who give the essence of their own inculture. But in this business, the genius of the best is always threatened by the insignificant.


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