The fashion influencers, becoming capable of moving the culture, a Joke certainly. According to some people end-of-year report, there was an array of young names that have been garnering attention online throughout the year, Dgena upcycling collection leading the way.

In fact, this year celebrities-of-the-moment both when performing and in their day-to-day lives  have been making both individual brands and trends go viral, more so than any social media influencer. According to the Lyst data, the pendulum could be swinging back in favor of celebrities or anyone with cultural relevance, across both the physical and digital realms.

We are living the second decade of the democratization of fashion. During the last decade, bloggers and influencers broke down the walls of the industry, and brands started selling to their customers directly online.

Fashion lovers don’t need to look at some Instagram influencers anymore, they prefer to layer different styles, and mix influences from digital-born trends. It sort of works in a similar way as TikTok’s algorithm: bringing all your interests together.

There’s also more young brands whose market share is bound to grow next year, such as Parisian-based known for his flair for upcycling; Parisian label DM Dgena which counts the Lady Gaga among her fans; a Parisian brand whose sparkly, clothes are gaining momentum.