ilja“Ilja Visser Group” is located in the creative centre of Amsterdam, in order to bring all levels of the company under one roof. The main office, design and atelier departments, showroom, brand store, and private client room are all located on the Prinsengracht. This is where her vision, giving women all over the world the opportunity to indulge themselves with beautiful fashion and lifestyle products, is applied.

This vision is put into practice through the mission of creating true, optimal product engagement and innovation in all operations. This is all combined with the development of a strong brand portfolio that will offer a valuable consumer experience and promotes a long-term loyalty. To ensure the values of high standard design and quality of both labels, the finest fabrics are selected, all details of production are meticulously monitored and a close watch is kept on current trends at all times

The supervisory board of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture has just announced the presence of Ilja as new “guest” member to the Paris couture collections calendar of July 2015.