Tetyana Zemskova and Olena Vorozhbyt are among the leading designers of Ukraine. The style of their tandem is faultlessly recognizable at Ukrainian Fashion Show. It is built on contrasts: intellectuality and severity with a keen sense of humor.

There is a preciseness of the silhouettes and patterns, with love to details and little parts. Classic textiles with newfangled fashions. They work with contrasts of colors and tones, heat and chillness, risk and official styles, trying to combine uncombined. Since 1997 designers are working under their own brand «V&Z».

By this time they began to show two every year season collections within Ukrainian Fashion Week. They are not just participants of the most sounding fashion festivals in Europe, but also act as judges of national competitions. Their clients are the elite of Ukrainian society. Continue reading


Throughout his presidential campaign, one of the biggest platforms that Donald Trump ran on was, according to his website, his opposition to American companies that manufacture their products overseas. However, as his opponents quickly pointed out during election season, both Donald and Ivanka’s clothing lines are made in countries like Bangladesh and China.

Since Donald’s own eponymous apparel line essentially folded, the focus is now on his daughter Ivanka’s manufacturing practices. The New York Times reports that several products from Ivanka’s line are produced overseas. In fact, in 2016 alone, there were at least 193 shipments of imported goods for Ivanka Trump brands, according to a review the paper commissioned from trade database ImportGenius. A review of tags and financial documents from G-III Apparel Group revealed that Ivanka’s dresses and blouses are made in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Continue reading


The French couture house confirmed his departure exclusively to our magazine, noting that his last collections were fall men’s wear and fall couture, which were paraded together at the National Library of France in Paris on Jan. 20.

Sources described the parting as mutual and amicable, the separation effective Jan. 31 following the expiration of his latest employment agreement. Tisci’s departure is sure to intensify speculation he is heading to Versace.

Braking the news on Jan. 19 that the Milan-based house has been chasing Tisci, who has long expressed his admiration for the work of the late Gianni Versace and cultivated a close friendship with his sister Donatella, whom he invited to pose in a Givenchy ad campaign in 2015.

In light of Tisci’s departure, Givenchy will not stage a runway show on March 5 during Paris Fashion Week. It is understood the fall women’s collection will be designed by the studio and sold to retailers in Givenchy’s Paris showroom as usual. Continue reading


In the new collection, Manolo has put the focus on providing future brides with a full in-store experience; clients will have access to bespoke services allowing them to choose custom fabrics, crystal embellishments and stiletto as well as the opportunity to engrave the soles of their shoes.

Since its creation, women have been coming to Manolo for their wedding shoes. With the launch of Burlington [Arcade store] and our e-commerce, Manolo has created a space to present a carefully curated range. Burlington has also a secret VIP room on the second floor where, by appointment, clients can also create tailored elements. Continue reading


Stuck in history. Tony Ward presented his spring-summer collection 2017 during Paris fashion week at the Orotoire du Louvre offering to his guest a mystic and romantic experience. The spirit of this collection was influenced by a story dating the Byzantine period. Ward tried to evoke a moment in history where clothes were very rich in colors and heavy decorated, using quality fabrics with vivid colors embroided with precious stones, crystals and floral laces.

Even thought this collection has a concept and it was well realized we must say that it is a little bit out dated. It is nice to reconnect with tradition and history. However, Ward could have gone further in his design to make it more contemporary by pushing the concept in a more recent vision. It is true that Ward is known for his timeless design which provides a classical image and it is clear that there is a quality of embroideries and fabrics but it is hard to imagine that a young lady or even a sophisticated and a modern woman of today would identify herself with this style. Continue reading


Less is more? Stephane Rolland presented his collection spring-summer 2017 at Xinhua Gallery in the 8th district during Paris Fashion week.

Rolland provided to his guests the experience of a very minimalistic architectural space with the dresses exposed like sculptures in a podium, an idea which fits well with the concept of his design.

Stephane Rolland is well known for the pure style, minimalist approach and sculptural organic shapes in his couture. We must say this collection, even though it is not very different from what we have seen before from Rolland, it is still very pleasant to watch in terms of esthetics. This time some of the dresses gave an image of a princess-like dress. It gives a vision of a modern eastern princess coming out from a fairytale. Continue reading


Julien Fournié is inspired by kinetic art and the works of its masters in the 1960s. The new “permanent member” of the restricted circle of Haute Couture is pacing his collection with a dialogue between 2D and 3D with semi-geometrical, semi-physiological shapes. He is using them both in garment architecture and in graphic embellishments. Continue reading


Haute couture in Paris has just started and we are excited to see what it is new, creative and original this year. Today I attended the Haute Couture show of Yanina Couture. Julia Yanina is a russian fashion designer. She has made an original approach by mixing two very different cultures together, russian and spanish. A combination which is very delicate to accomplish and not so evident.

In this collection she tried to achieve the creation of a love story between a russian ballerina and a spanish matador which was quite obvious on the use and combination of colors, patterns and embroided laces. The pieces varied from nude, to pastel colours and to end up with the strong matador red.

The black laces very elegantly embroided and carefuly transformed sometimes into images of ballerinas dancing, on a nude transparent texture it is not something new in her designs but this time, the same idea was applied with motives of the matador embroidery and the flamboyant symbols which made the transition and the fusion of the romantic ballerina to the dramatic matador. Continue reading


We are now a few days before the official presidency of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. Besides the controversies Trump provoked during his campaign with his speeches, he had beside him his wife Melania Trump who broke in every term the official image of a first lady.

The naked pictures of Melania Trump released the summer of 2016 in two covers of New York Post created an earthquake and broke a taboo in the american puritanism. More than that Melania Trump was shown in the arms of another woman in the pictures done by the photographer Jarl Ale de Basseville inspired by the « menage à trois”. Trump told for the medias that he was proud of the pictures and that this pictures were art. He also claimed that in Europe and especially in France this kind of pictures are considered art and that there is nothing wrong with them: it is the celebration of the beauty of woman body.

What does this mean for the american puritanism and how this will change the idea we have of a first lady? Continue reading


Julien Fournié is the new icon of the Fashion French Haute couture. His  vision makes us travel in another world. The power of imagination, the power of creation are the print for the next 100 generations.

Canal-Luxe had already bet on the future giant of the Haute Couture a few years ago.

We invite you to come and see the next dream, the Haute Couture show in 10 days. We can ensure you that you will spend time for an unforgettable moment in the Haute Couture world. Julien Fournié lifts the world in his hands like a giant, like Gulliver to become the new icon of French Haute couture.



Italy’s government continues to support the country’s fashion industry and has pledged to channel 36 million euros, or $38.1 million, in the system this year through the Italian Trade Commission.

Opening Pitti Uomo in Florence on Tuesday, Carlo Calenda, Italy’s minister for economic development, announced the investment,

Emphasizing the importance of Calenda inaugurating the international men’s wear trade show, Marzotto said the minister showed confidence in the event and underscored the efforts organizers are making to attract buyers from new countries. Continue reading


After Rio de Janeiro last May, Louis Vuitton will travel to the other end of the world for its cruise 2018 presentation: Japan.

Nicolas Ghesquière will present his latest cruise designs for the house on May 14, said Louis Vuitton. The exact location of the show will be revealed at a later date. In recent years the designer has taken the collection to Palm Springs and Monaco.

Louis Vuitton said that it has maintained strong ties with Japan since the end of the 19th century, citing the mon, or family crest, emblems that inspired its Monogram canvas; its first store in Tokyo in 1978; collaborations with Japanese artists such as Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, Rei Kawakubo and Hiroshi Fujiwara, in addition to its many renowned Japanese clients. Continue reading


For her last official event as First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama wore a Narciso Rodriguez dress from pre-fall 2017. Making her final speech in the East Room of the White House on Friday during a ceremony to honor the 2017 school counselor of the year, Obama wore a red crepe dress with a keyhole neckline and a striped panel on the skirt.

The First Lady has worn Rodriguez many times over the last eight years, including election night 2008; for a recent meeting with Queen Elizabeth II; at President Obama’s final State of the Union address last year, and for her meeting with Melania Trump two days after the presidential election in November.For that occasion, Obama wore a Rodriguez dress she initially appeared in in Argentina during the last South American tour. Continue reading


Schiaparelli has officially been awarded Haute Couture status by the French Ministry of Industry and the French Couture Federation, confirmed the brand yesterday. Despite showing its collections during Couture Fashion Week each season since its high-profile has been relaunched in 2014, the fashion house has only enjoyed guest status until now.

A great couturier and visionary artist, Elsa Schiaparelli brought an artist’s sensibility to 20th century fashion. She was the first to assign a theme to her Haute Couture collections starting in the early 1930s.

As a child, Elsa felt a deep affection and immense admiration for her uncle, Giovanni Schiaparelli, the renowned astronomer. In her autobiography, Shocking Life, Elsa Schiaparelli recounts that her uncle told her the beauty marks on her cheek were arranged like stars forming the Ursa Major constellation. Continue reading


Last May,the leather goods brand, WE ARE NOT, opened its first outlet 7 rue Malher in the 4th district of Paris. It was only six months ago, and six months later the companies is in liquidation.

WE ARE NOT was created with the objective of revolutionizing high-end leather goods by offering high-quality, sustainable and fashionable pieces at less than 300 euros.

To create beautiful, practical and sustainable  pieces, WE ARE NOT went to seek the know-where where it is, in a family workshop in Tunisia. Nappa calfskin was selected for its finesse of grain, its sophistication and its silky touch. Diving leathers, that is to say that the tint is produced by immersion, which ensures an excellent resistance of the coloring. Only precious skins can benefit from this technique. Continue reading


It’s no secret at this juncture that the fashion industry adores pretty young things and we do mean that literally. Models nowadays get their start as young as just 14 or 15 years old, and if you flip through the pages of any major fashion magazine, you swiftly understand that women above a certain age are just not part of the club.

This lack of diversity has been well discussed and is unfortunate especially when there are so many beautiful older models out there! But some designers are starting to catch on; major brands like Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana and Céline have cast more mature women in their campaigns over the past few seasons. The tides seem to be changing, and every baby step counts so here is our own little baby step we want to contribute. Continue reading