xeroxI think it was Coco Chanel who said if you’re original, be ready to be copied.I love seeing a Zara window filled with Haute Couture clothes which are a mix of Vuitton and Sorbier! I think that’s genius. It’s even better than what I do! I love the styling, I love the story… Read more »


MOYATNothing was too good for the Maharaja of Behar. His journeys on the Orient Express were an endless spectacle that dazzled the European elites, and his outrageous demands are the stuff of railway legend. Whether he was headed for the Pera Palace hotel or an international conference in London, the Maharaja brought his full retinue aboard with him. Before the journey began, he had his entire carriage redecorated in the purest Indian style to make them all feel at home, and he fuelled the wildest speculation by insisting that the curtains remain closed throughout the journey.

Pauline Moynat, a visionary and the only woman trunk-maker in history, founded Moynat in 1849, and soon made the house the most Parisian of the French leather goods and trunk makers of her time.Founded at the time of the Read more »


david-laport2David Laport is one of the most promising designers in Holland, and a wizard with materials.

Laport graduated two years ago at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. He impressed with a colorful set of plissé skirts that were blown straight up into the air, really technical tour de force pieces.

In his second collection, Laport surprised with a special developed fabric, a punky black mesh with small square holes, his modern take on lace. But what’s a David Laporte collection without entertaining show effects?

So there was a black, very short voluminous dress with feathers – which were not feathers – but unravelled nylon mesh. It looked ultralight and playful.


nadegeNadège Vanhee is 36 years old. Famous both for her discretion, her talent and her efficiency, she seems to be the right person for that job.

She has been the Artistic designer for The Row, a label created by the Olsen Sisters. She worked as senior designer with Phebee Philo at Celine’s. Graduated in 2003 from the Antwerp Academy, she started her career at the famous belgian luggage brandname Delvaux and then at Martin Margiela’s in Paris.

Though the rumors no parties has confirmed her nomination but from our sources we know that it would be her.


HERMES1French designer Christophe Lemaire will leave Hermès after presenting his final collection for Spring/Summer 2015 during Paris Fashion Week in October.

The designer joined Hermès as the artistic director of the women’s ready-to-wear in 2010 following Jean Paul Gaultier’s departure and has now decided to dedicate himself fully to his own label which has seen significance growth of late.

“Working for Hermès has been a great pleasure: a profoundly enriching experience on both a human and professional level. I am proud of what we have built together” Lemaire shared today.

According to Axel Dumas, CEO of Hermès, the designer led Read more »


FRANCOISCANAL1For a few years ago Eymeric Francois has not been able to present any Fashion Shows, as he had difficulties to raise money whereas companies like Chanel and LVMH spent up to 2 million euros for their fashion shows…

But those situations require designers to find innovative solutions to address financing gap. Eymeric Francois realized his show thanks to the cooperative support of users on My Major Company, opening the Couture to the greatest number. Eymeric François’ latest collection offers a range of black and transparencies mixing materials and forms.

The Eymeric François woman is a mix of sensuality and active glamour women. A modern and elegant woman who knows how to adapt to the changing world. We like the simplicity of Read more »


FREDSATHAL1At the beginning the univers was transparent. A billion years ago, after the Big Bang, the universe was like an hydrogen fog, who have the capacity to absorb the ultraviolet. Fred Sathal’s coloration process is similar to the Big Bang, and that seems normal as the designer is coming from the edge of the Galaxy. Read more »




Influenced by the period 1950, Ana Quasoar revisits Audrey Hepburn. She plays with colors, embroideries and precious stones. It is one of those artists who have a vision ahead of the others.

But her DNA are wedding dresses in pure white, the absolute chic.

Haute Couture or not, is not the subject regarding the artistic beauty of our philistine eyes.

Thank you for this exceptionnal moment. As usual, the hospitality and the organization were first class and, as you know, the success of a presentation of Couture is made of details.


Oscar Carvallo, Couture, Fall Winter, 2014, Fashion Show in ParisLike an arrow in the heart, the situation around the world lead to the reflection on how to transcend the future. “A pastoral symphony of blossoming girls in the shade of an Autumn night,” began the pretty prose which elaborated on the half-girls, half-flowers, appearing in the deepening dusk in the garden.

A look between Galliano, Courrège, and Dior style tried to prevail. “Save our souls”, was the theme of the collection. Unfortunately in copying and looking for a style he lost his own style.

For the final, there was no pregnant wedding dress like Chanel earlier in the week, instead the wedding dress looked like a bee on a wedding cake.

After “La Femme Poisson”, the “Eagle eyes” collection, Oscar Carvallo continues to revisit the nature. He loves to say that “Life is too short to dress sadly”.

We agree with him.



Read more »




ONAURATOUTVU1Since the dawn of time, crystals have fascinated man. They have been associated to symbolic meaning and healing properties. Crystals are from a molten rock, it is the heat in the heart of the earth and that was the theme “On Aura Tout Vu” chose for their 2015 collection.

Livia and Yassen took us beyond the galaxy, in a cold and on a crystallized earth, but the suns that produce photosynthesis are not far away. It is the door of their universe waiting to melt their crystals into glamorous dresses for WonderWoman like Livia. The symbolism of water and rock crystal is Read more »



SORBIERCandles were burning. In the air there was the scent of burning wax. You had the feeling to be in the XIX century at the time of what was called “La Belle Epoque”. They had recreated the atmosphere of a boudoir. In the flickering light, the set looked like the bohemian curio salon, where poets like Rimbaud, Verlaine, Musset and so many others were debating and redesigning the world – and occasionally indulge in absinthe. French singer Emilie Simon opened the show with the song “Paris, j’ai pris perpète”.

The presentation started and the collection as usual was mastered Haute Couture. The dresses were part of the atmosphere and vice versa. That was the dream of Franck Sorbier this season. In the red carpet between reality Stars and Chinese clients, the collection looks like a painting. My neighbor found it so romantic and so poetic.

The Violoncellist was continuing to play and invited us to travel in Franck Sorbier’s world Read more »


Alexandre Vauthier, Couture, Fall Winter, 2014, Fashion Show in Paris


Julien Fournié Couture Fashion Show in Paris Fall Winter 2014 collection

Julien Fournié

“Tell me what you wear and I will tell you who you are » could be the name of the 2015 Spring/Summer Julien Fournié show. Influenced by China and the 1950’s, the collection is glamour and revealed a feminine and beautiful woman which will make you dream  of her and for whom you would like to write and who will make you happy.

I love this yellow and black accented with a necklace of black as a provocation. I love this deep neckline and simply open up the desecration that lets me see the beauty and the promise of a soft and warm night.

I love simplicity in sophistication. I love beautiful. I like what is simple.

We love you Julien. Read more »


Giambattista Valli, Couture, Fall Winter, 2014, Fashion Show in Paris Read more »


Schiaparelli, Couture, Fall Winter, 2014, Fashion Show in ParisFor the second Schiaparelli couture show, the designer Marco Zanini has designed a collection of twenty models which is a mix of ridiculous and flashy color. Born in Milan of a swedish mother and a milanese father, Marco Zanini was born in 1971; a very bad news for fashion industry. Moderation is not the style of Marco Zanini like Schiaparelli.

The designer sent out a collection which made clear references to Schiaparelli’s 1930′s heyday, as well as the style of chic women living in occupied France in the 1940′s. And so what, we know to relaunch a brand you have to take into consideration the past, but after 2 years it is time for you Mr Zanini to take off  by yourself and to get away from the archives.

Read more »


On Aura Tout Vu, Couture, Fall Winter, 2014, Fashion Show in Paris




DIANAVREELANDDiana Vreeland (September 29, 1903 – August 22, 1989), was a noted columnist and editor in the field of fashion. She worked for the fashion magazines Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue and as a special consultant at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She was named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1964.

She was born as Diana Dalziel in Paris, France, at 5, avenue du Bois-de-Boulogne (Avenue Foch). Vreeland was the eldest daughter of American socialite mother Emily Key Hoffman (1876–1928) and British father Frederick Young Dalziel (1868–1960). Hoffman was a descendant of George Washington’s brother as well as a cousin of Francis Scott Key.

Diana Vreeland “discovered” actress Lauren Bacall in the Read more »


HAUTECOUJTUREToday is a very specific moment. Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture starts and you can find the whole schedule of Paris Fall-Winter 2014-15 Haute Couture. Nothing is ever more characteristic in the world of fashion, and more specifically int Haute Couture.

It is not difficult to define the worst and the best aspects of Haute Couture. In fact, it is easily summed up in one word: perfection. The Perfection is the word I love the most as it is so easy to write an article when the collection is fabulous. However it is so difficult to write an article when the presentation is ugly.

Creating and delivering this level of high quality require inexhaustible energy. Paradoxically, it is to this ideal Read more »


5Ana Quasoar is one of those Frenchwomen who has mastered the nonchalant Parisian style which many ladies around the world are jealous. Located in the rue de la Banque Paris (the heart of the Fashion Industry).

What they say is true — all old things become new again. And such is the case with the classic pastel trend that was sighted on the runways in different interpretations, from splashes of powder blue and purple to dusty pink and yellow.

Sugary hues have been modernized into sleek and elegant summertime wear with the notion of a power woman. Brave head-to-toe in the trend for the new season by layering cotton candy colors and experimenting with fabric textures.

Another fun idea is to experiment with colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel. Whether married as mint green and Read more »


gucciThe location is a two-storey house with colorful walls that match with the outfits of the models: yellow, fuchsia, cobalt blue, red, turquoise and white. Read more »

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