Fearsome grace, barely veiling the radiance of an angel! Abundance of outfits, which makes the passion of the profession vibrate. Like a silk thread that splits the moment, Dgena takes us between the shadow of the Black Widow and the sun of Josué, his Afro-European model Rapper of his state.
I look at the fashion which whispers the pure air of the iceberg which detaches itself from the Parisian streets where all the aroma of the sublime accumulates.
Strongly anchored in our planet, black for the time, and white to celebrate the purity, the designer injected the energy of the desert horizons of the cold by reworking the codes of ice and a quilting of the suburban grids, I felt the world moving, the chorus of spring days frozen for a moment.
The interplay of Yin and Yang, the necessary effect of principle and prevailing tendency, the ultimate harmony.