A cowboy for Vuitton by Pharrell, I would have rather said a “screw it” boy, and the magazines tomorrow will headline the stroke of genius of making a Cowboy collection, you really had to think about it!

Walk your carcass in the gardens of the Vuitton foundation for a Wild West beef effect in front of philistines asleep by the hash consumed while waiting for the “Wall of Fame”, for the last train of “Gun Deal” rolling towards the American West to project us the last kaleidoscope of the plastic canvas of the lord of the Rings.

This is a very different atmosphere from the Pont Neuf for the success of a man of Nothingness, the, son of a pharaoh, as he likes to call himself, does not even know that the Ameridians had black slaves since 1502, attesting to the idea that he doesn’t even know the history of his own country.

Pharrell cultivates the Wild West which is less dangerous, but will not help him to create a collection with talent, only with the boutiques that you can be found north of Los Angeles where John Wayne used to hang out. ‘dress and where I bought my Stetson long time ago.

And even with these smoke signals, no one will understand the concept unless it’s the Vuitton house burning, “I’m talking about the smoke”. Could this be a message sent to Trumps to save the Vuitton factories in the American West? In any case, we were not lassoed.