VLISCOVlisco is traditionally loved and worn by women as a sign of maturity and status. When getting married, women hope still today to be given Vlisco fabrics as part of their dowry. Passing on Vlisco fabrics, as inheritance, is also a tradition that is still respected. However, today young women see Vlisco as part of their African identity and a fashion statement. Our Wax Hollandais (Dutch Wax) have many iconic forms and patterns that have become popular in the global fashion world and synonymous with stylish African fashion and women.

After 160 years of creating iconic designs and fashion statements, we strive to remain ever original and inspire you. Our ‘Connoisseurs of Style’, our fans, are a key part of this process. They embrace our brand an encourage us to keep moving and satisfying their fashion needs. One part of our vision, is to have more direct contact with our consumers, and that means also having more retail boutiques to meet you personally. We are very proud that we will be opening our first store in Lagos, Nigeria very soon to crown our long and special bond with Nigeria.

Nigerians are real trendsetters. When we introduced our then new collection in 2007, with Belle d’Afrique, a tribute to elegant African women, Nigeria embraced it immediately. Our Nigerian Connoisseurs of Style are always searching for the latest and greatest Vlisco iconic designs. They appreciate that our designs combined with the intricate printing process makes Wax Hollandais (Dutch Wax) truly original and unique. A true fashion statement for confident African women.

Soon it will be possible to shop for your favourite fabrics in our new Vlisco store, but you can already take a look and buy the fabrics below in our online shop.