YDE CANALOle Yde’s collection expresses the rigor and the control of the environment of the people living in the north of Europe. The collection is built around an axis as a building and the axis on which it turns is called luxury and glamor. The master pieces of the collection are a chinchilla jacket, black pants inlaid diamond sequins, New Yorker “pimp” black shoes of the 1920’s and embroidered silk blouse and a blue long dress Crew Neck and a black belt marking the waist and thus break the vertical and smooth line all giving a surprising elegance effect.

Ole Yde did not depart from the spirit of this fashion week: leather and mink were honored and so marked the return of a profession that disappears little by little. We speak furriers that no longer seem to be bothered by environmentalists that once on the catwalk or in the streets of New York were indelible paint in red coats mink they met in the streets.

YDE is a luxury women’s Prêt-à-Porter brand based in Copenhagen. The poetic and feminine style of the collection is conceptualized and created by acclaimed Danish designer Ole Yde, born and raised in Odense, Denmark. At the age of eighteen he moved to Continue reading