Founded in September, 2005, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts is a university offering undergraduate programs distinctive for art nature. Mainly invested by state-owned enterprises,it is also sponsored by other social capital. It was affiliated to Fudan University in its initial stage. After eight years of development, it because independent of Fudan University in April, 2013 with the ratification of the Ministry of Education.

On the list issued by QS in April 2015, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts ranked between 51st and 100th in terms of Art and Design. Since 2009 when we had the first batch of graduates, our employment rate has been above 95% in succession, 10% of the graduates choosing to establish their own business. In recent years, more than 98% new-enrolled students have come to campus for registration. Our students have put on an excellent performance in the competitions in a variety of subjects both at home and abroad. thanlk to Henri Joli and is friend Studio Gottelier.