Inspired by Chinese writer Hao Jingfang’s science fiction work “Vagabonds,” Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient combined their quirky, deconstructed body-con with padded, protective forms in a more three-dimensional register.

Puffer jackets and suiting in a color palette of murky brights with quirky straps and accessories that wound around the body, creating what looked a little like futuristic armor.

The printed mesh pieces featuring artworks by Cheyenne Julien; stretch skirts and stone-washed pieces in sunset colors; a khaki shearling coat with a metallic finish; snake-like “belts” that wound around the body.

For times when life seems stranger than fiction and we don’t know what the future holds, Bösch and Gadient had it covered in this dystopian yet upbeat wardrobe for today’s urban warrior.