Holding the very last time slot on the official Paris Fashion Week calendar for the men’s spring 2022 season, the 1017 Alyx 9SM collection and the film made you want to hop a plane to Stromboli for the active volcano.

Matthew Williams said he’s visited this dramatic landscape often over the past eight years, and it dawned on him that the collection which includes castaway shorts for him, swimsuit-like gowns and tops for her matched "the elements of the island, the fauna and flora with textures and colors."

The models traversed grassy paths, thickets of cacti and a rocky coastline as if they were headed home from the club and got very, very lost, stopping now and then to catch the sunlight with a mirror, as if trying to signal a passing plane.

Women’s looks were mostly body-conscious bikini tops and short dresses that hugged the thigh, or longer ones in a halter style awash in beaded fringe.