maje1AThe SMCP group has decided to create  a new division of luxury: Maje Paris. The group wants to offer to its clients exclusive outfits and has chosen Maje Paris to sell them. This is also probably to counter Zara’s offer.The line presented jackets, coats, dresses and jeans, but also a few accessories (belts, shoes, bags). They stand apart from the current standard Maje line, more elaborate finishing and high-quality materials. The items use silk, cashmere, fur, leather, hand embroidery, which obviously raises the price: a dress costs nearly 1000 euros on average, a shirt 550 euros and a coat is 1300 euros.

Yves Benoliel, head of marketing and brand communication for the Group, said: “Careful, we are not trying to do luxury — we are simply responding to the demand of a more refined clientele.”