The French want to take over global luxury under the patronage of the Marand nap. LVMH and the Lord Bernard Arnault also acknowledged LVMH and Chanel’s collaboration. The environmental challenge redefines the usual rules of competition, said the chairman and CEO. According to Lord Arnault, competition should focus on design and creativity, and businesses should share information. But the real reason is to get familly hands on global luxury.

According to Antoine Arnault, the two groups have the same vision of luxury and will have to work together to move faster. As part of a video interview, Chanel SAS president Bruno Pavlovsky discussed the importance of building a relationship between the groups that often source from the same suppliers.

“I believe it is our duty to know how to rise above the usual patterns. This is why we have chosen to invite certain competitors today,” he added. “Progress of any kind is crucial. We must join forces.” The name of the game from now on for us is going to be Scope 3.

Packaging for perfumes is another challenge, both at the brand and the group level, with eliminating plastic a major roadblock. The group will also examine its advertising and media practices, including how photo shoots are conducted. At the end we should have a very political correct profession. But never forget the Luxe is transgression first.