I remember that wonderful moment when, in front of me, the barely sketched vision of the blur and beauty of London appeared. The sun, when we arrived, whitened the streets like a luminous heart to forget the other capitals of the world. At the sight of the Hotel which appearsĀ  like a mirage, my heart began to beat again, drunk at seeing the divine breath of writing resurrected in me, and the large interior garden under the glass dome gives an impression of the outside where a world of truth weighs down.

Superb luxury building, with calm and voluptuousness, which blends into the surrounding majestic buildings and without the crackling street fire, the palm trees inside throw us out of the world and its hustle and bustle.

We stayed in a superb suite with a panoramic view of the charming little train station of Marylebone, for a hotel room in the middle of a peaceful city like a touch of tenderness. The day breaks that morning, lighting up the tips of the tops of the brick buildings that surround me, and the star of the stars streams onto the buildings on the outskirts.
Solis, pointing to the star of the divinity, ends up making a few black London taxis appear on the immense avenue. Hospital during the WWI then British Rail headquarters, today it represents the version of the world’s hotels, peaceful, because I like these little moments of calm before the storm, it’s like a Beethoven symphony before our return to Paname… Thank you all for your warm and outstanding welcome.